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Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality - Enhance Staff Productivity and Increase Wellness

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

HBI can assist with all aspects of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and are specialisits in offering bepsoke consultancy and monitoring solutions in buildings.

During the lifespan of buildings there are constant challenges to achieve and maintain optimum system performance while providing clean, compliant & hygienic indoor environments for the health and wellbeing of building users. 

HBI provide a broad range of proactive indoor air quality monitoring services as well as responding reactively to indoor air quality problems in occupied buildings. Our specialist indoor air quality services include:

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations
  • Office Hygiene Assessments
  • Ventiliation Plant Condition Surveys
  • Dust Monitoring
  • Data Centre Environmental Testing
  • Ventilation System Cleanliness Inspections
  • Clean Room Testing
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing
  • HTM03-01 Healthcare Ventilation System Verification & Validation

Buildings may be subject to a number of changes in layout, services, use or occupancy but continued good performance will be expected and HBI can assist in achieving this goal.  Whether during design and construction or while occupied, HBI can assist with:

  • Air Quality Assessments for New Developments
  • BREEAM or LEED Assessments
  • Carbon Reduction/Energy Efficiency Surveys

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