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Legionella Control
Legionella Control - UKAS Risk Assessment, Water Monitoring & Training

Microbial Sampling of Water Systems

The guidance provided in HSG 274 stipulates only a limited number of situations where sampling water systems for Legionella bacteria is necessary. Such instances include:

  • Systems operating with water temperatures in the Legionella growth zone (e.g. Spa Pools or Solar Pre-Heat Vessels)
  • If control levels are not consistently achieved (e.g. Faulty DHW Calorifier)
  • Where biocides are in use (e.g. Spa Pools & Cooling Towers)
  • In a suspected outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease
  • If “At Risk” people are present (e.g. Healthcare)

If you are operating water systems where Legionella sampling is required or you need assist with routine water sampling programmes, then HBI can help. All of our water samples are analysed by fully UKAS-Accredited Laboratory partners.

HBI also offer a wide range of other water sampling options including not limited to:

  • Total Viable (Colony) Count (TVC)
  • Potable Water (E-Coli & Coliform)
  • Closed System Testing (e.g. Chemical Suites)
  • Pseudomomas aeurginosa