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Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality - Provide a Healthy Indoor Workplace

Indoor Air Quality & Indoor Pollution

Common health complaints by building users often cite indoor pollution or poor office air quality as being the suspected cause. So-called ‘sick building syndrome’ related complaints commonly include:

  • Fatigue & Lethargy
  • Headaches
  • Dry Eyes
  • Allergy
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Skin Complaints

In order to investigate Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and office air quality complaints, HBI offer a combination of different tests that can be tailored to focus on the most likely environmental causes of these complaints to either prove or disprove them.

Investigations may include some or all of the following:


IAQ Test Parameter

Reasons for Testing


Relative Humidity

Air movement

Thermal discomfort

Dry eyes


Particulate/ Dust

Respiratory Irritation

Light Level & Frequency

Eye Strain & Headaches

Carbon Dioxide (Adequacy of ventilation)

Headaches, stuffiness or occupant related pollutants

Carbon monoxide

causes headaches at elevated levels


Respiratory Irritation

Eye, nose, and throat irritation

Sulphur Dioxide


Oxides of Nitrogen

These gases irritate the airways of the lungs

Bacteria and Mould

Pathogens can cause allergic reactions, such as Aspergillus mould

Dust Mites

Dust mite faeces are associated with breathing difficulties

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

May cause odours or allergic reactions

Surface Dust Composition 

Identifies materials associated with irritation or allergic reactions such as glass fibre or animal hairs.

Specific Odourous Compounds

e.g. Hydrogen Sulphide

Illustrates patterns to help identify source of odour


Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor Air Qulaity (IAQ) monitoring is a popular service with HBI clients who recognize the importance of staff wellbeing to business success.

Proactive air quality monitoring consists of a detailed investigation of building ventilation and air conditioning systems, together with representative samples of the indoor air in the building.  The comprehensive report includes Air Quality Assurance Certification that can be displayed on notice boards for employees to see that a Healthy Building is important.

Please contact HBI for full details of the inspections and test parameters included in Indoor Air Quality Monitoring