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Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality - Enhance Staff Productivity and Increase Wellness

Data Centre Environmental Test

Data centres and computer server rooms require a well controlled, clean environment and regular monitoring can help maintain satisfactory conditions in these business critical rooms.

HBI’s Data Centre Environmental Testing service includes detailed scientific measurements and observations as outlined below and causes no disruption to the operation of the data centres:

  • Visual inspection of air handling systems and the adequacy of filtration
  • Visual inspection of data hall floor voids for cleanliness, combustibles and fire compartments
  • Measurements of temperature and relative humidity at locations within the data halls and comparison with on-site measurement equipment
  • Measurement of the size and number of airborne particulates
  • Surface samples to assess the level and make-up of dust within the data centre
  • Static electricity measurements at selected locations
  • Surface resistance levels between raised floor panels, pedestals and the structural floor.
Please contact HBI if you would like to discuss Environmental Testing of your Data Centres.