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Fire Safety - Fire Risk Assessment & Training

Fire Risk Assessment

Each year over 40,000 fires occur in non-domestic buildings and over 69,000 fires in dwelling premises resulting in over 600 deaths each year as a result of fire.

Insurance claims top £1.1 billion each year and this does not take into account non-insured cost to businesses, which are far higher.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2006 / Fire (Scotland) Act 2006 places a legal requirement on all building owners & employers to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment in their premises. It states that the employer must take into account for the safety of their employees the following matters:

  • Means of fire detection
  • Giving warning in case of fire
  • The provision of means of escape
  • Means of fighting fire
  • The training of staff in fire safety

HBI Fire Safety services assist customers in protecting their staff and premises from fire and include Fire Risk Assessment of a wide range of presmises types.

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