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Asbestos in Soils Testing and Inspection

Asbestos in Soils Testing and InspectionAsbestos in made ground and soil is predominantly immobile, although when contaminated ground soils are disturbed fibres are more likely to be released. Asbestos in soil may be found in various forms such as free fibre, loose fill, sprayed coating, insulation, asbestos insulating board (AIB), cement etc.

Very low concentrations of asbestos fibres may be present in soil and made ground and these fibres will not be visible to the naked eye. The thorough analysis of soil therefore provides the accurate quantification of any asbestos fibres present as a percentage of the overall mass and this in turn, can be equated to assist in assessing occupational risk and the practices associated with its removal and disposal or re-use.

All results from the testing and inspection stage are presented on a summary report, detailing recommendations as standard.