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Asbestos management - UKAS Surveying, Consultancy & Training

Asbestos Management Surveys

Any building constructed before 2000 should have an Asbestos Management Survey. A comprehensive Type 2 Asbestos Survey is also valid if the asbestos survey was carried out before the introduction of HSG264 in 2010.

HBI are UKAS Accredited to undertake Asbestos Management Surveys to the standards set in HSG 264 (Asbestos: The survey guide 2010). We have a large team of asbestos surveyors who have experience surveying all building types.

HBI are also UKAS accredited to complete the Priority Assessment Scoring of Asbestos, which allows full risk assessment of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). This Risk Assessment of ACMs is included in all HBI Asbestos Management Surveys.

If you do not have an adequate Asbestos Management Survey (or pre-2010 Type 2 Survey) or if you have concerns that the Asbestos Register is not up-to-date, then you will need a Asbestos Management Survey.