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Published on Monday, March 27, 2017

HBI and Lucion in New Commercial Partnership for Workplace Safety Services

HBI and Lucion in New Commercial Partnership for Workplace Safety ServicesHealthy Buildings International (HBI) and Lucion Services have announced agreement on a reciprocal arrangement that will see the companies provide support services to each other so that each can better meet the wide ranging occupational safety needs of their customers.

Under the new partnership Lucion will add legionella risk assessment and water monitoring to its existing range of asbestos and hazardous material surveying, analysis and remediation services.

HBI operates UKAS accredited legionella risk assessment and monitoring regimes that will now be available from Lucion to complement the range of hazardous material management activities and support programmes it already provides. In addition, Lucion will also have the ability to link with other HBI services such as assessments for fire risk and indoor air quality. In return HBI will have access to Lucion’s specialist UKAS accredited laboratory facilities for detailed asbestos sampling and testing services, which includes scanning electron microscopy (SEM). This new capability will further extend HBI’s existing asbestos management support activities that take in surveying, consultancy and training provision.

HBI will also be able to utilise Lucion’s sister company (Innov8 Risk Consultants) expertise in CDM (Construction Design and Management) consultancy support and guidance to ensure client compliance with the latest safety regulations.

Mike Jamfrey, Managing Director of HBI, said: “The complementary nature of the activities of the two companies makes this partnership a great fit and will help each of us to deliver more efficient and robust health and safety services. The collaboration opens the door for a continuing exchange of ideas and knowledge which can only be positive for both companies – as well as our respective customers.

The new arrangements are designed to reinforce each company’s provision of comprehensive support to help clients meet safety compliance and risk management challenges.

Phil Rozier, Chief Commercial Officer of Lucion Services said: “We’ve always adapted quickly and have been creative in our approach to supporting clients. The new arrangement with HBI is designed to ensure that both companies can best meet the growing range of specialist health and safety needs of their clients. Both companies have shared values and a common approach to providing trusted advice and high quality support. This reciprocal services agreement will mean we can both provide customers with an increasingly holistic approach to risk management and safety compliance.

HBI has provided UK and European-wide consultancy services since its formation in 1992 and operates from offices in Reading, Wakefield and Honiton. Lucion was established in 2002 and has grown rapidly to create a group of environmental and occupational safety management companies, with a network of 12 regional offices around the country.

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